awards and recognition


Frank has received the following awards:

  •  2016 #1 Keynote Speaker of the Year (Forbes)
  • Honorary Doctorate from Ohio State University and St. Norbert College
  • The President’s White House Call to Service Award (George W. Bush, Donald J. Trump)
  • Making a Difference in the World Award (West Point)
  • Making a World of Difference Award (Tempe, AZ Sister City Foundation)
  • 10 Most Amazing Arizonans (Arizona Republic)
  • Higher Lifetime Achievement Award (Higher Connection Network of Beverly Hills
  • Unite4: Humanity Celebrity ICON Award for Social Impact and “City Gala Hero Award (LA City Gala)
  • Invincible Warrior Lifetime Achievement Award (Spirit Summit Conference in LA)
  • Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award (joined six US Presidents, Nobel Prize winners, and industry leaders)
  • Star on the Las Vegas Walk-of-Fame and Coronado Island Walk of Stars
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Bradley University)
  • Soldier of Hope (Journey’s Dream Foundation)
  • Lifetime Service Award (Women of Global Change)
  • Arizona Ambassadors of the Year (Consular Corps of Arizona)


Frank has been featured in the following documentaries and television programs:

  • Stickability
  • US Customs Classified
  • Real Stories of the Highway Patrol
  • COPS
  • New American Thunder’s
  • Numerous local TV shows
  • A Wish of Hope
  • The Glenn Beck Show
  • Fox News “Heroes and Stories”
  • CBS “60 Minutes”
  • The Doctors
  • Hallmark Home and Family


Frank has been featured in the following publications and books:


  • USA Magazine
  • The Huffington Post
  • Professional Performance Magazine
  • Arizona Republic’s “100 Yeas – What is Right With AZ
  • The Icon Advisor Magazine
  • Influential People Magazine
  • Life By Design Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine


  • Heroes for my Son
  • Habit 1
  • Universal Wish
  • Mission Next
  • Don’t Burp in the Boardroom
  • Stickability
  • Once Upon a Wish
  • Little Bubble Gum Trooper